El Valle Products Made in Aurora

We specialize in fresh, handmade goods sold daily. At El Valle Florido, we make a wide variety of products for cooking many different delicious meals.

El Valle Florido
El Valle Florido

Enjoy Hot Food from Our Talented Chefs and Cooks

  • Gorditas, Made with Flour
  • Carnitas (Pork)
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Cactus
  • Chorizo (Sausage)
  • Rajas (Jalapeño)

Fresh Tortillas

El Valle Florido also makes fried tortilla chips that come in original salted, non-salted, salted with lime, and salted with chili powder. Whatever your tastes are, we have a broad selection for you to choose from. If you are looking for fresh tortillas, we offer the following options daily:

  • Flour Tortilla
  • Flour Black Bean Tortilla
  • Flour Chipotle
  • Flour Cactus
  • Flour Burrito Size
  • Wheat Tortilla
  • Corn Taco Sizes in Medium and Small
El Valle Florido

We’ve Got Something for Everyone

There is something different every day. Have a taste of something new or shop for the traditional items that always make your specialty dishes top-notch. Be sure to check out the variety of salsas we have in stock, too. We hope to see you in Aurora soon.


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